When I say drop and give me 20. You drop and give me 20! Simple.
Drop and give me 20 is a fun way of getting your daily training done.

Follow @dropngiveme20 on Twitter and receive your daily orders to get your training done. My hope is that this account can work as an alarm signal for the followers. Every time a tweet from this account appears in the feed you have to drop to the floor and do 20 push ups.

Possible variations.
Different tags for different exercises will be introduced. One important thing is that the exercises should be easy to do. It should not take much time and you should be able to do them wherever you are at the time. No material needed.

#20/12 is the "light" event and could be done a couple of times a week. (20 push ups every hour for 12 hours)
#20/24 is the harder version and will be announced from time to time as a special event. The #drop20 marathon. (20 push ups every hour for 24 hours)

I was always looking for ways of making my own training fun and to maximize and get stronger. I thought that if I start by doing 20 push ups every hour during a whole day (12h) I would get physical results. 20 x 12 = 240 = GOOD
When I found Twitter I started to introduce this game and suddenly some others out there decided to follow. For me it was a touching experience that someone wanted to play my game. And I realized:
This is a good game. Its fun and it makes you strong(er).
So I created the tag #drop20 and we started to do push ups. It was great to see a guy in Holland, a girl from London joining. We also had people in Sweden, Brazil and Czech joining us. All over the world people where dropping to the floor on my command : )

Why a separate account and not only the tag #drop20?
I realized that the feed for our mutual followers would be spammed if I sent #drop20 pings every hour. So I decided to start a separate account.

Other features:
By following @dropngiveme20 you will get random notifications on when its time to drop to the floor. Of course it's not mandatory but the more you do it the better you will feel in your life : ).

My hope.
Is that people will follow this account and see it as a fun and creative game and a help towards a healthier life.

And yes. If you finnished this text you have to drop to the floor and give me 20 : )