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En hyfsad idé ändå! (swe)

Fick idéen idag om att man skulle göra en PEZ©gubbe föreställande Iprenmannen. Önskar jag var tillräckligt händig för att joxa ihop en prototyp. Eller, händig är jag väl. Tyvärr är jag också förbannat lat. Nåväl, lägger den idéen på lager. … Continue reading

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Technique is not everything, but alot

So what do I mean about that? I mean that when you have a good technique and a good timing with your partner you can do just about anything. Last week me and my friend and colleague Henrik Agger (he … Continue reading

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A hickey is a bruise normally caused by someones mouth. In the field of romance it is made by someone to someone as a sign of animalistic desire. It leaves a small bruise. Like a territorial mark on a your … Continue reading

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Installed in Falun

My normal routines as I arrive in a new hotel is as follows. The first thing I do is to check: “Where is the bible?” Hotels has a nasty habit to put this book in the rooms. What I do … Continue reading

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