5-4-3-2-1…1-2-3-4-5 = 90
Happy to present a fun exercise. Here we are doing 3 types of push ups. Arms close, arms wide and pike position. Start with arms close and do 5 push ups, move on to the pike position for 5 push ups and finish with 5 push ups with your arms wide. When you are done. Repeat the whole thing, now with 4 repetitions. Move on to 3 2 1 and then go all the way back to 5 again. In total you have done 90 push ups. Congratulations.
You can of course decide for yourself if you want to do this exercise in one set without rest or if you want to break it down into a phase that suits you.
Also, feel free to change the number of repetitions. Maybe you are strong enough to do 10 to 5 or if you are tired, just do from 3 to 1. Its up to you how many you do and how long time it should take you to do them. Obviously.

With your arms close to your body...

...with your body in pike position...

...and with your arms wide.

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