To Luke

A little more than 2 months ago I had my usual Skype meeting with Luke. He had told me in an e-mail that he had been feeling bad for a while and I read that as one of lifes ups and downs. The reply I gave him on that e-mail was: That sucks. But look forward to when you feel better and then your life will be a blast in comparison. I didnt know then that it was cancer and that he would never get well.
The notes from that Skypemeeting was only one word. ”Shit!”
It was Shit! BIG SHIT!
But I then thought it would get better. And that Luke would be well again. I really thought he would get better. 3 days ago I was walking down the street here in Leipzig saying to myself  ”It will get better.” Talk about one gigantic dose of denial.
On that Skype meeting Luke comforted ME. Saying that life is random and that these things happen. One just dont know why, when or what. And he asked me to do three things for him. 1. Get drunk. 2. Go out and run. 3. Make a video. ”I wish I could do at least 2 of these things” he said.
He knew I love doing all three.
That same day I ran. Like I always do. In fact Luke also inspired me alot with the running. There would sometimes be a message from him saying ”I just ran 23 k and I feel great” Which also pushed me me to the same distances.
I drank. Maybe I didnt get drunk. But I had a couple of drinks from the whiskey bottle that Luke once gave to us as a thank you gift for letting our flat to him when he was working in Stockholm.
It was always great to come home when Luke had been living there. It was tidy, there was a nice letter on the kitchen table and the unsolved Rubics cube in the bookshelf was solved.
The 3 rd thing he asked me to do was a video. Me and Fofo went down in our basement the day after and filmed me improvising for 2 hours. What came out of that is not that sad. Also, it´s not film about Luke. It is a film inspired by Luke.
I just recently sent him this film and 7 days ago he replied that his internet connection was shit so he would watch it later. I dont know if he ever did and it really doesnt matter. I am glad that we had that little e-mail conversation 7 days ago.
At the moment I am playing a show in Leipzig that Luke directed. I love our show. And I love Luke.
(Here is the film)

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