Intervals to make it fun. And hard.

Today I trained. I do that sometimes. Or even, quite often.
To save my knees I am now running on a treadmill which I find extremely boring. So in order to make that a bit more fun I did some intervals. This is what I did:

10 x 1 k running (3.50 tempo)
10 x 1 min handstand


Very happy to realise that while being in an upside down position my legs recover extremely fast. I think it is because all the blood leaves the legs during the handstand and when the handstand is done, it rushes back down again.
It’s like a chock circulation thing going on and the legs are in perfect condition again. Ready for the next kilometre. Like this I could increase speed until the last kilometre on the treadmill. Try it. Free handstand, against a wall, free headstand or headstand against a wall. It doesn’t matter.


Before and after.

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