Tomorrow, Monday the 29 July I am starting a push up challenge with a couple of friends. It is not a competition, just a way of getting a lot of work done. Everyone are welcome to join.
Here are the guidelines for this event.
From Monday and 7 days onwards your mission will be to make as many push ups as possible.
How many can you physically manage?
How possible is it to make as many push ups as possible?
What will be the obstacles in your everyday life?

In my standard event I am doing 20 push ups each hour for 12 hours. Physically it isn’t that hard. But you have to plan for it. If you are driving and the push up clock rings… Then you have to find a place, park and get out of the car.
If you are in a public place. You have to count on having people looking at you whilst lying on the floor. It is no big deal. It is manageable. It is only 1 minute at the time.
With this challenge it is a bit different. You are going to search for every moment to do a couple of push ups to add to your total. You are going to put away all embarrassment of doing push ups in public. And you have to make sure that you don’t skip to many moments. The last thing you want is to try to catch up with your goal by the end of the day.
I have set my goal for the following week but I am not going to tell you what it is. One beauty of this thing is not knowing. It is not a competition with other people. It is a challenge for yourself.
On Wednesday we have decided to report to each other and give an estimate on how we are getting along. This will be the time to decide if you want to bring out the competitor inside you. You can then try to catch up with someone if you have a need for that.
The choice of push ups is your own. If you do them wide, tight or on your knees doesn’t matter. The most important is that you participate and that you find it fun to do.
If you wanna report your number on Wednesday or/and by the end of the week you can do so by sending me a email with your name, where you are from and your number.
You can also follow this on Twitter The tag will be #painweek
I really hope that there will be a few of you signing up for this. Just think about how strong and good looking you will become.
See you tomorrow.


Photo by Mattisa Edwall

Photo by Mattias Edvall

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