The food I will be cooking

Tomorrow I will cook for friends. Finally something that is easy and fun to write about.

This afternoon we took some rhubarbs from the backyard for pie. I cut the stalks in 1cm pieces and gave the a quick stir in orange juice and honey. They are resting in the marinade over night and will be separated tomorrow. The pieces I will just put in the oven with a mix of oats, sugar and butter on top. One of my friends are allergic to almonds. FUCK! It would have been so good with almonds on top of all that.
The marinade (honey, orange juice) will be a good ingredient in the punch that I intend to make. Some cheap red wine from Germany, (sweet) 7up and the rhubarb marinade and pieces of watermelon. For the pregnant (2 of them) water.
The main is gonna be a summer special. Hamburgers with feta cheese, garlic and sun dried tomatoes.
The salad to go with is on a base of ruccola, oil, tomatoes, avocado and more oil. Lots of good, good oil.
And now I´m hungry.

Rheum rhabarbarum

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