Miss the clown

In the winter of 2008 I worked in a dinnershow in Essen called “Roncalli´s Panem et Circenses” It was a really nice contract with a great cast. The person I got closest with was Edouard Neumann. Also known as Eddy. He is the founder of world famous clown group “KGB Clowns” (Check them out. They are truly very funny).
Apart from having a great time working together in the show, me and Eddy also shared a beautiful old circus trailer as dressing room. Between our acts we would sit in there, both with our noses into our computers. Eddy working on pictures in photoshop and me trying to create a website for me and Fofo.
But from time to time we would take a break from computing and film small episodes with my videocamera. Episodes that eventually turned in to a project we decided to call “Kill the clown”
The reason for the title I do not understand. Or remember. I think it came from a .gif image that we once made were I smashed his head against the wall. Over and over again. Unfortunately our project vent to sleep as soon as the contract ended but I miss that time in the wooden caravan on the white hills of Essen. And I miss creating films together with Eddy. Here are the films that we made. In the order that we made them. Enjoy!

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