Two years ago me and Fofo took a 2 day holiday and vent to Prague. We where working in Leipzig at the time so it was quite easy to just take the car and go over the border.
We immediately fell in love with the city and started to speak and dream about how great it would be to play a show there for a couple of weeks.
This is what is happening right now. Yesterday we had our Prague premiere with “Wear it like a crown” and it was great.
Well. it wasn’t all great. Its very hot here right now and the temperature in the tent where we work is very unhealthy. The humidity is significant and it makes our work very difficult. Every skill and every prop used in the show is becoming very dangerous. And the fact the your brain has been boiled during the day doesn’t make it better.
But we did it and the premiere was a success. Now we have 11 more shows i this beautiful city and we are so much looking forward to explore as much as possible of the history, the architecture and the beer.

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