Heavy X-mas

I feel the need to educate you all in heavy metal x-mas history and will do so with this youtube playlist. These are some of the x-mas songs I listened to as a child and I want you all to hear them and recognize them as the ONLY songs that should be played during the x-mas season.

1. 220 Volt – Heavy X-mas.
A wonderful song by Swedish band 220 Volt. The record cover had a really cool design as well. Click to see it ››

2. King Diamond – No Presents For X-mas.
King Diamond was the man I wanted to take Santas place and visit me with presents as a child. He was, and still is, a big hero of mine.

3. X-mas Project – Mary´s boy child.
This record is still one of my favourites in my record collection. As a child I would play this to everyone and it was the first time I heard someone make heavy metal versions out of classic x-mas songs. I found it so cool and I wanted everybody to hear how good and clever it was. Read here about who was part of this fantastic project

4. KoRn – Jingle Bells
This one is obviously not something I listened to as young boy since it was recorded 1999 when I was already an adult, mature man. But I become a small child when I hear it.

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