I’m back in Finland. Last time I was here I hated it. Now I hate it less. Maybe because the weather is better? Last time it was grey and I felt like traveling back in time. In a bad way.
Its still cold and grey but it has all started well. The hotel is nice. The Holy Book is out the door, on the floor, in the corridor. Also, I have one day free before we start playing shows tomorrow.
When it comes to circus, Finland have impressed me big time during the last couple of years. Many good, good artist come from here. There is the fantastic duo trapeze couple Sanna and Miku. And my favourite circussisters, Laura & Ulla Tikka with their amazing circus qualities and also the Finnish jugglers, Matias Salmenaho, Jouni Temonen. All are they amazing and very inspiring to watch and be around. And there is plenty more…
But also I found there is some stand up comedy building up in this country. Not super funny but very charming, odd and soaked in Finnish dryness. Hmm… soaked in dryness!?
Anyway, enjoy the comedy of Tomi Walamies:

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