The easy part of my life has begun

May has passed, June is here and even half way gone. Its been a hectic couple of months with quite a a few different projects. My plan was to write about them but I never got around to it.
The summer is now here and yesterday I did my last gig for the season. It was an outdoor thing not worth mentioning.
Its not important.

I’m resting and having the time of my life. I have decided not to look for work and not to take any offers that I might get. I wanna rest from performing a bit and recharge my batteries, maybe even start to write more on this blog.
Or not.
I do, however, have two subjects that I wanna try to share here during the following days.
My trip to Las Vegas in the end of May
My new training method: E.E.B.G. Exercises Evoked By Guilt

More about that later. Here is a song by Katzenjammer.

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