Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was the first official day for my project #drop20. I managed to gather about 20 people all over Europe to join my pushup event. Each hour we had to do 20 pushups which came to a total of 240 pushups in one day.
I don’t know how many who vent all in and did the full set. But that is not important. I’m happy that people participated. The event also made me think about where I want to go with this project. I started a twitter account that I hope shall work as an alarm clock and make followers do exercises when they least expect it. More about this later. But if you are curious there is some text about it here.

Apart from that I did a photo shoot with Cirkus Cirkör and Mattias Edwall. Always fun to work with Mattias and I think the pictures will be great. The theme was trust and me and Fofo spent a few hours in the trapeze trying to find an image that would illustrate that.
Quite hard work in the end. Especially as I had to get down on the floor every hour to do 20 pushups. But It was fun and Mattias even took a few pics of me for the Drop 20 project.

Me and the makeup artists kid Vincent in the trapeze. Just for fun. Not part of the shoot.

I also recorded a juggling tutorial video for an exhibition on Mölndals museum which I will spend the day today editing.
By the way. I don´t have any muscle pain today.

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