In the audience

Photo by Pontus Tideman

Now the articles from Q-day are out. Me and Fofo were booked to entertain before and after a Q & A between Tilde Björfors and Daryl Hannah.
I also had the chance to be part of the discussion and managed to get a few questions asked. Daryls passion for our planet is truly inspiring and I think the people left the tent outside the university of Lund with a lot of thoughts and with quite a bit of hope. Visit her website and read all about her work for keeeping this place a good place. Tilde also took the opportunity to invite Daryl to our shows in New York. I’m hoping she will be there.
En galen kväll – eller inte? (swe)
Daryl Hannah på Q-day i Lund
TV4 – Interview with Daryl starts at 3.30 (eng)

No credit to me for making this a good picture.

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