Drop and give me 20

You could be like me : )

I have always tried to find motivating training methods. I like to train hard and I like to train fun.
So here is one way to have fun and to train hard.
The idea is to make a number of press ups (20) each hour between 10-22 in one day.
It means that you have to set your alarm and drop to the floor whenever it rings. Yesterday I made mine mainly in my house but 20 was done on the street and 20 in a café.

Now since I have discovered Twitter I also managed to get a few others on board my project and the whole thing became so much greater. We were pushing and supporting each other under the hashtag #drop20
And also… We managed to create quite good training. After all, we did 240 press ups and that is not bad at all.
So if you are interested in joining this “event” please look out for #drop20 on Twitter and hopefully we meet there.

And… if you finished this text you have to make 20 press ups. Go!
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